Beautiful People,
Wonderful Memories


Oros is
not couple kitty
but a unique copyright concept

Key Features

4 socials in a year
2 outstation trips with fellow members

Small Groups - only 5-6 couples in each group.

Minimum lock-in period 10 yrs. Charges 10 lac per couple without networking (in case you want your group to be managed, min requirement of 5 couples max 8 couples), 24 lac per couple with networking (Oros allocates a group of min 5 max 8 couples).

Outstations are charged at double the room cost, and food and beverages are charged at actuals on socials.

Fun activities and gifts for the members of the forum.

Personal attendant is arranged for the group to conduct games and activities.

Personal photographer for a group of couples at every social and outstation.

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What makes
us stand out from

Our innovative and unique copyrighted idea.

Fun and Celebration
at its best..

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